A Guinea Pig


There was a little guinea pig,

Who being little, was not big;

He always walked upon his feet,

And never fasted when he eat.


When from a place her run away,

he never at the place did stay;

And while he run, as I am told,

He never stood still for young or old.


He often squeaked, and sometimes violent,

And when he squeaked he never was silent.

Though never instructed by a cat,

He knew a mouse was not a rat.


One day, as I am certified,

He took a whim, and fairly died;

And as I am told by men of sense,

He never has been living since.

(The guinea pig is now a popular pet and was introduced into Europe in the 16th century by Dutch explorers. It is related to the chinchilla an the porcupine and orginates from the Andes Mountains in South America. Guinea pigs were probably first domesticated by the Indians from apaeru who used them for sacrificial offerings to their gods, and for food.)

(Anonymous, circa 1775- Source GREAT POEMS, page 232-233, Miles Kelly, 2014)