'Fairy’s Home' Children's Story by Jaleswori Shrestha


Long ago, in a distant land, there lived a girl named Maya. One rainy day, she hopped on the verandah, danced and sang:

ghampani ghampani syalako bihe

kukur janti biralo bahun

[Rain and sun together; time for the jackal to wed,

Dogs make the procession, priest is no one, but the cat! 

A seven-coloured rainbow too had appeared in the sky. Even as she observed, the rainbow in the sky gradually came down, and reached her verandah. From inside the rainbow, a fairy came out fluttering her bright, multi-coloured wings, and stood in front of her, beautifully dressed in a red, glittering frock, emanating a beautiful tinkling of her anklets. She said, “You are Maya, aren’t you? I have come to befriend you, because you are very good. You wake up in time, eat and go to school. You obey your teachers. You are neat and tidy, and play with friends. Since you study well, you always hold the first position in your class. I love to make friends with children like you, who are disciplined. Won’t you love to be my friend?”

“I certainly would! Why won’t I make friend with a beautiful fairy like you? Rather, why don’t you tell me what your name is?”

“My name is Saptarangi Pari – the seven-coloured fairy. Maya, will you come to my home, up there among the clouds? I would love to take you on a tour,” said the fairy.

With a mild smile, Maya replied, “It’s OK!”

The fairy held Maya with both of her hands. Then, she flapped her wings and flew, taking Maya to the sky beyond the clouds. Looking down, Maya saw that the houses, fields and trees on the ground looked like playthings.

Up there in the sky, the stars were twinkling, and were moving round in spherical shapes. Steeping upon the snow-like cloud, Maya and the fairy starting walking around. Around them flew cascades there carried not water, but fruit juice. At places, they could see ponds full of pure milk and trees wherefrom Cadbury chocolate, Nestle chocolate, Dairy Milk chocolate, Choko Fun chocolate, Ice-cream chocolate and many other chocolates hung.

Seeing these eatables, Maya had water in her mouth. The fairy saw Maya swallowed water from her mouth. She said, “Maya, perhaps you wanted to eat the chocolates you saw. You can eat whatever you like. But do not touch anything, or eat anything without asking me.”

Happy, Maya ate the chocolate and ice-cream she liked, drank the fruit juice of her choice.

A little farther, Maya saw three houses. They were white and yellow houses that had roofs made of yellow, salty nimki, roof made of white phini, and bricks of white barfi and brown bambesan. The window panes had glasses made of misri, and had patterns like those on cards. Pointing to one of the houses, the fairy said, “See! That one is my home!” Then she took Maya inside.

Inside were chairs make of gudpak, mats made of jerry, and glowing on the ceiling were white bulb made of rasbari, and red bulbs made of lalmohan.  There were a number or selrotis there, and inside a pot was rice pudding. For unknown reasons, Maya wanted to eat misri that made the window-pane glasses.

Keeping herself away from the fairy’s eyes, no sooner had Maya scraped and piece and eaten, rain started falling in torrents. Flood swept the sweet-house, and with it flowed the fairy. Maya did not know where she went.

Maya was entirely drenched. She panicked, not knowing what to do and where to go. The drops spraying in from the window made her wet, and feeling cold, Maya woke up with a start.

Maya could not understand how quick it all happened. It was only a while ago that she had seen the rainbow and was looking at it from the window. She did not know how soon he had fallen asleep. Art by : Mrigaja Bajracharya