The little Riding hood and the Boy



By Prakat Parajuli

Edited by Jwala Dhakal

Once upon a time,there was a little girl called Riding hood.She lived in a big house with her Grandma and her Stepmother.Her step mother hated her but her Grandmother loved her very much.They watched tele together.While her Grandma watched  movies about Gods, Riding hood would enjoy looking  at the street from her balcony.

As days passed by, the little Riding hood grew into a beautiful girl. 




One day Riding hood was looking out  from her balcony.Suddenly her eyes fell upon a boy staring at her,standing at the street .He had blue eyes and he was smiling at her.Riding hood  smiled back.The boy waved her bye and walked away.


 The boy started visiting Riding hood everyday.Soon, both of them fell in love.


Riding hood told her grandmother that she loved a boy.Her Grandma was also happy but she  told Riding hood to keep it a secret.


One night , the boy came into her room.That night Riding hood and the boy ran away from the house.


They talked, laughed walked and walked until they were tired.Just before the sun rise, Riding hood sneaked into her house.She told her grandma how much fun she had had with the boy she loved.  


This time also her grandma told her to keep it a secret. But the wicked stepmother had heard all the secrets.


The next day she built a huge wall around the house so that Riding hood and the boy could never meet ech other again. 


Riding hood was very sad.


But her grandma  had a wonderful plan. She had made friends with many birds.She called all the birds and asked them to help her grand daughter.


The birds agreed. 


That night, the birds made many holes in the wall. Finally the huge wall was broken down.Riding hood thanked her grandma and the birds for helping her. 


 Then Riding hood left the house.Just then, she saw the same boy waiting for her in the street.They both got very happy and  kissed each other.They promised to be together forever.