Krisha Tamrakar

Krisha-Tamrakar-Illustrator- 2021

Krisha Tamrakar is a Kathmandu-based graphic designer, illustrator and author. She has completed Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kathmandu University. Her works are her personal expressions and experiences that portray cultural, social and emotional aspect of life which is mostly fantasy based, interactive and participatory.  She is fascinated by world of storytelling and illustration. She has created several picturebooks such as Yomari, I Wish I Could Fly, and Lanchha hai Lanchha which are in the process for publication. Her recently illustrated book Ek Bitte rewritten by author Krishna Raj Sarbahari is published by The Asia Foundation on Let’s Read. Krisha is a member of Artudio, Center for visual arts, where she has been actively involved in various curatorial art & education projects.  Currently she has been leading a book making project to encourage young people to create picturebooks initiated by Artudio.

Instagram: @tamrakarkrisha