Vacation Time

The winter vacation in Krishna’s school starts today. He is very happy. He has planned to do many things during the holidays. Reading new books and visiting new places are among his plans.

As he is weaving his net of dreams and plans, his friend Sharada appears in his front.
“Oh Sharada! You’ve arrived? Come on, sit here.” Krishna welcomes his friend to his house. Sharada sits on his bed.
“Long holidays really bore me. How have you planned to spend the holiday?” Sharada inquires. “I’ve got fifteen days leave. In Swikriti’s school it is even longer, a whole month. How horrible, my God!” she adds.
“Hey, you silly! Can the holidays be bad?”
“What do you mean?” Sharada appears annoyed.
“Look, it is bad only for those who don’t know how to spend it correctly. If one properly utilizes it, then it is a great opportunity to learn new skills that can be useful for future,” Krishna puts forward his explanation.
“How can this be?”
“Look, it was during the last year’s holidays that I bought many books from a fair. I read them and wrote many stories and poems. Then everyone loved me very much. They also knew me as a good poet and a storywriter. You can take our friend Aman for another example. He learned Martial Arts in the last year’s winter vacation. A few days ago he received many prizes including a gold medal. Hearing all these, do you still take holidays to be bad?”
Sharada nods her head and says, “Yes Krishna, in fact holidays aren’t bad. It is I, who has failed to utilize it properly. During this holiday, besides visiting new places, reading books and learning computer, we can also spread awareness in the society about planting trees and also teach the uneducated children and old people.”
“Yes, now you’ve come to the point, Sharada. You’re a wise friend. Let’s go to that village. We are going to teach some uneducated old persons there. You’ll also go there, won’t you?” urges Krishna hopefully.
“Why not? Let’s go together.”
Their uncle, who lives near the peepal tree, is watching them utilizing the holiday, spreading awareness among the villagers. He thinks that the world would be enlightened by the light of education if all the children of the world spent their holidays in the similar fashion.                           By Kartikeya