Senior Writer Ranjushree Parajuli

जीवनी लेखक कोश साहित्य

Ranjushree Prajuli (2005 BS/ 1948 AD) is an active and highly dedicated writer. Dash Thunga Phool (2039 BS/ 1982 AD), Sabai Amako Santaan (2048 BS/1991 AD), Ma Birami Chhaina (2053 BS/1997AD), Andhabiswas (2054 BS/1996 AD), Katha Batika (2061 BS/2004 AD) and Miteri Gaun (2062 BS/2005 AD) are six collections of short stories containing forty nine stories through which the author gives messages of one issue or the other.

She is interested more in originality than in adaptation from secondary sources. She weaves small incidents into stories and in many of her stories we have only faint glimpse of narrative qualities.

She has a comprehensive scope of themes for her stories where she accommodates a myriad of issues concerning birds and animals, friends and families, social and environmental problems etc. Bhunte Baagh, a story collection was published in the year 2055 BS (1998 AD).The collection Tatepangre also carries one of her stories Bandarko Ghar, which suggests that procastination is bad, and tasks should be accomplished promptly. Hariyali (2058 BS/2001 AD) is her novel for children.

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