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Dear Children, This time, we present an interview with Julu, an American citizen who became a writer while working for animal welfare. A book written by dog ​​lover Julu about a street dog named SATHI has just been published. The talk is about her new book and her campaign to save the street dog.

Hi, tell me something about yourself. Where were you born? Where do you live now? How did the desire to become a writer come about?

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts USA and I live now in Arlington, Virginia near Washington, D.C. I developed my writing skills as a scientist and an administrator at the National Science Foundation.  I actually never imagined I would become a book author and certainly not an author of a children’s book. I was motivated to write the book however, after learning about the sad story about a street dog who was abused by a woman in Kathmandu.

What is the purpose of writing a ‘friend- SATHI’ book? How was the experience of publishing the first book?

I decided to write the book about Sathi: The Street Dog from Kathmandu, Nepal, after learning about the true story of a dog who was abused and badly injured when a woman threw boiling water on the dog’s back because she didn’t want the dog near her home. I wrote the book to try and encourage people to be kind to animals and not abuse them or treat them cruelly. 

What do you plan to do to protect street dogs?

This is not my responsibility. This is the responsibility of the people of Nepal. I have given up hope of trying to convince anyone to change their ways towards street dogs and other animals. I am disheartened by what I have seen in Nepal. Nepal is widely known as a country of compassion and the birthplace of the Lord Buddha but in actual fact I see very few people acting compassionately towards the street dogs and other animals.

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