He found Heaven

English Highlights कथा साहित्य

Once upon a time, there lived a man who was full of life. He was very very healthy. Suddenly he died one fine day. So he looked around and saw a few men beside him. He asked, “do you know the way to the heaven.”  One man pointed to his left. Daman walked and walked and he hoped to be in heaven by early evening. It was a hot day and he sweated a lot but he did not rest. He wanted to be there before the nightfall.

Slowly the sun moved to the west and quietly slid below the horizon.  The moon shone bright and happy. Just then Daman saw a big boulder where it was written HELL..

Daman was heart broken. He had prepared himself to settle in HEAVEN but it seemed he had reached HELL. He was heart broken. He looked around and asked a small boy “Is this HELL?” The boy answered, ” No this is HEAVEN.” “But it is written HELL here. He pointed towards the bouder. ” Well it might be HELL but this is HEAVEN  here.” He assured.

Daman looked around there were no cauldron to boil the sinners. There were no hot boiling oil and water or fire for the sinners. So he assumed it might be HEAVEN.

He then decided to settle there and plant a tree. He searched and searched and finally found a coconut which he planted.

Hours turned into days. Says turned into months.  He sat in the shade of the coconut tree and wondered. “This does not feel like HEAVEN. I dont feel happy.” So once more he beaconed the little boy to come nearer and asked him.” I dont feel happy here. Do you think this is HEAVEN?” The boy looked a little taken aback and replied.”I dont know. I dont know how does it feels to be happy. But one thing I know for sure and that is this is HEAVEN. ” ” Alright!” Daman nodded and wondered.”I dont know how it feels to be happy too.I wonder if this is really HEAVEN.”

He wondered and wondered. His head started to ache. He became restless. But he could not decide whethet he was happy or not. Unfortunately he did not know what happiness felt like. He just knew he was happy. But now he began to doubt his happiness. ” Is this how happiness feels like?” He wondered and wondered and soon become a little disturbed. Each passing day, he became more and more disturbed and henceforth.   So he again went to the little boy and asked him,”Are you sure you are not happy.I think you are happy. Or you may be mistaken and tis might be HELL.” Now the boy was disturbed too. He walked off sadly. Days passed into weeks and weeks into months and montbs2became years. One day, Daman saw the boy walking towards him looking sad and lost. He came closer and told..”I think we are in HELL.. because I dont think I am happy too.

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