लेखक रामबाबु सुवेदीको जीवन कथा

Featured Highlights अडियो / भिडियो अन्तर्वार्ता केटाकेटी अनलाइन युट्युब विचार

लौ सुनौँ म भन्छु मेरो राम कहानी, १८ वर्ष दरबारमा युवराज र युवराज्ञीलाई नेपाली विषय पढाउनुभएका गुरु आदरणीय लेखक रामबाबु सुवेदीको जीवन कथा । केटाकेटी अनलाइनका पत्रकार सरिता अर्यालकाे साथमा ।

Mr. Rambabu Subedi is a renowned writer from Nepal. He has published more than thirty-five books that comprise of poetry, poems, picture stories, plays and educational works. Most of these books are meant for children. Many of his poems have been included in different school textbooks.

Mr Subedi retired from the teaching profession after teaching. He also has the experience of teaching at Eton College in the UK. * Chairperson, Book Bird Nepal * Member of the Academy Assembly, Nepal Academy * Chairperson, Manjushree Media Network Pvt. Ltd. * Vice-Chairperson, Devkota-Lu Xun Academy * Vice-Chairperson, Nepal-China Friendship Forum * Coordinator, International Nepali Children’s Literary Society etc.

रामबाबु सुवेदीका अन्य प्रस्तुतीहरु

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