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Madhav Ghimire, a highly celebrated talent in Nepali poetics is equally popular in the children’s poetry. Born on Ashoj 7, 1973 BS (September 22, 1916 AD) at Pustun Bahuntada, Lamjung to Gourishanker Ghimire and Droupadi Ghimire as their first son, Ghimire started his literary career at an age of sixteen with Gyan Pushpa, which got published in Gorkha Patra, Gham Paani (2010 BS/1951 AD), Bala Lahari (2026 BS/1966 AD), Sun Pankhi Chari (2053 BS/ 1997 AD) are his collection of poems for children. Besides these, there a number of poems published occasionally in magazines and newspapers that add originality, specialty and excellence to his poetic talent.

Ghimire gave continuity to his poetic works from the very time he was appointed head  master to a preparatory school in his village. In fact, the poems of Ghimire written in simple and child-friendly-language, based on a study of the interest, daily routine, psychology and the entertainment of children, are great treasures of Nepali children’s literature. Ghimire has made his songs and poems appropriate of the children’s interest. His poems employ folk tunes and meters used by children, and simple themes based on rural lives.

His mastery in the use of Savai, Ahan and Gaun Khane Katha in modern forms, and the use of lucid language with colloquial words in highly praiseworthy. His poems show the primacy of the sweetness of music, the brilliance of beauty and simplicity of the heart. All his poems are popular among children of the soft musical quality they bear.

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