Author Siddhi Charan Shrestha

English Featured लेखक कोश

A great name in Nepali literature, poet Siddhi Charan Shrestha has made great contribution of children’s literature. He was born to Bishnu Charan Shrestha and Nir Kumari Shrestha on the day of Jestha Sukla Panchami in 1969 BS (1912 AD) in Okhaldhunaga within Sagarmatha Zone on Jeth 22, 2049 BS (June 4, 1992 AD).

Shrestha was jailed for writing a revolutionary poem, advocating the need for revolution for change during the Rana Regime. He has a number of works to his anme published both in Nepali as well as Newari language. His poetic journey started when he was seventeen.

Tirmir Tara (2045 BS/ 1966 AD) a collection of children’s poems and Jhilimili JUnkiri (2059 BS/ 2001 AD) are two poetic works by the poet for children. Kopila (2021 BS/ 1964 AD) and Mero Pratibimba (2022 BS/ 1965 AD), and some magazines have poems by the poet in their collections. Children’s Magazines Balak and Muna, and textbooks published before the enforcement of the new educational policy have carried many peoms by the poet Shrestha. His poems on nature are more standard and child-friendly compared to other works. Almost all of his verses employ folk musical meters and music, and some are alliterative.

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