Jamun Gubhaju’s Miracle

Jamun -Gubhaju’s-story

The story of Jamun Gubhaju of Patan is not less amazing than any other miracle. It goes like this:

One day, a self proclaimed magician from India came to Patan after fooling many people by his magic. Boasting of his unparallel talents, he cut open the stomach of his Jamura (assistant) and took off his heart and liver and placed on a banana leaf. But nothing was hidden to the Gubhaju of Patan, who was even a better magician. To break the self-conceit of the magician, Gubhaju promptly disguised himself as an eagle and flew high, carrying the heart and the liver, kept on the banana leaf.

Now, the magician was helpless. He convulsed to think that the boy would die without heart and liver. A man, who knew the Gubhaju, told the magician to go to Gubhaju’s house in Patan, and beg pardon. At his word, the magician went out in search of Gubhaju. After a long walk, he could find his house. As he knocked on the door, he was startled to hear a Maina bird announcing, “Here comes the trickster!” When he entered the room, he saw the wife of Gubhaju firing the oven with her both feet, and brewing up liquor in a giant pot. Both feet were burning in  high flames, and the liquor was boiling. The magician was wonderstruck once again. He related his problem. Gubhaju’s wife told that her husband had gone to the forest to graze the goats.

The magician went to the forest and soon spotted Gubhaju.

   As he approached him, he was again surprised to  see Gubhaju  bowing a fifty feet high Peepal tree from the root with his left foot and easily feeding leaves to  the goats. Whatever he saw was enough to make him dishearten, and he begged pardon with Gubhaju for showing self-conceit. Gubhaju compelled him to take a promise not to do similar things again and handed the heart and the liver over to him. In this way, his disciple was brought back to life. With his pride badly fallen, the magician soon returned to his country.