Junga Bahadur and Magic


“Somebody has swallowed Dharahara! It has gone missing,” shouted a passerby in the busy road and people gathered to hear him. Indeed, the mighty Dharhara was nowhere to be seen. Everyone’s eyes could not have cheated.

At that time, Junga Bahadur too was passing by. His soldiers informed him about the whisper. But, a Newar, who was carrying his kharpan, the cane-basket for carrying vegetables, told that he was seeing the Dharhara as it was and it had not vanished. When the Newar told everyone, they all looked at him with disbelief. A man from among the mass told the Newar to put his kharpan on the floor. What a miraculous sight awaited him! As he put his kharpan on the floor, he too saw the magician swell the Dharhara. Another man, who lifted the kharpan saw the Dharhara erect in its original place and shape. The reason, it was explained, behind it was that a black cat had died in the kharpan and its bones were still in it. Jung Bahadur too tried himself and was convinced that the cat’s bone in the kharpan brought the Dharhara back to vision. People still believe that none can hoodwink a man, who carries the bone of a dead, black cat.