A daily guide to good eating


Food has been divided into four basic groups, according to their nutritional value. They are milk group that includes milk and all milk products, a meat group, a bread and cereal group and fruit and vegetable group. A healthy and well-balanced meal should include foods from each group.

Each day-

á Eat plenty of fruits, especially those rich in vitamin C.

á Eat some cereal foods such as bread and breakfast cereals.

á Make sure you have one glass of milk.

á Do not have too much sweet food such as sugar, jam, sweets and soft drinks.

á Drink plenty of water.

á Eat a good breakfast.

á Try to keep to three meals, evenly spaced throughout the day.

á Do not over-eat - always get up from the table feeling you could eat a little more.

á Do not eat a heavy meal just before going to bed, but it's a good idea to have a glass of milk.

(Source à Children's Digest, October 1999, page 65)