English मैले पढेको किताब

We are extremely glad to launch this book, which is simultaneously tans-generational and transnational. It is trans-generational because, this collection presents writers of various generations together. Senior and established writers like Geeta Keshary of Nepal, to debutants like Rama Adhikari have been accommodated in it, to suggest a variation of tastes, issues and styles. It showcases how mainstream Nepali children’s stories, along with the recent and contemporary additions echo a global call for variation and multiplicity, both in terms of form and content. 

The collection is transnational because it accommodates writers from Nepal and India, though the former outnumber the latter. This is indicative of two things. First, children everywhere share the same sentiment, same problem, same aspiration and the same dream, and are above the planes of nationalism, border, frontier and all sorts of chauvinism and differences. Second, this book is an example of the type of collaboration Children’s Literature Foundation Nepal (CLFN) seeks to undertake in future: bringing writers from various nations, and anthologizing together. 

We are hopeful that rendering and compiling these stories into English shall pave a way for Indian authors to get them translated into different Indian languages and disseminate them across the vast territorial expanse of India, and reach out to a high number of readers. We are already in negotiation with some interested Indian publishers, and hopefully, the idea will become a reality soon.

We thank the authors, both Nepalese and Indians for allowing us to compile, translate and edit their works and finally for allowing us to publish this work. We thank editor Mahesh Paudyal for her incredible efforts, and illustrator Palpasa Manandhar for his wonderful illustrations. More books of such quality and better range shall keep coming from CLFN in the days to come.

  • Kartikeya Ghimire, President, (Children’s Literature Foundation Nepal (CLFN)

 ‘विड्स आफ ज्वाय’ मा नेपाल र भारतका २३ जना लेखकका रमाइला र सन्देशमूलक कथाहरु रहेका छन् । तपाईं हामीले माया गरेका नेपाली लेखकहरु गीता केशरी, रन्जुश्री पराजुली, वसुश्री पाण्डे, जलेश्वरी श्रेष्ठ, लक्ष्मी उप्रेती, गंगा कर्माचार्य पौडेल, महेश पौड्याल, कार्तिकेय, भगवती पौडेल, सुशीला देउजा, विन्दु सुवेदी, इल्या भट्टराई, उन्नती बोहरा शीला, ललिता दोषी, आइ पी अधिकारी, रमा अधिकारी, सुभद्रा गौतम, शर्मिला घिमिरे, स्नेह पोखरेल र कोमल पोखरेलका कथाहरु यस संग्रहमा समावेश छन् ।

भारतीय लेखकहरु मदन हजेरी, दयानन्द असोल्कर र मानसी हजेरीका कथाहरु यस संग्रहमा छन् । पल्पसा मानन्धरका सुन्दर चित्रहरुले किताब सजिएको छ । मूल्य रु २ सय ५५ रहेको यो किताब १ सय ५६ पृष्ठको छ ।

यी किताबहरु किन्नुपरेमा प्रतिष्ठानको फोन नं. ९८०१०७७५१५ मा सम्पर्क गर्न सक्नुहुनेछ ।

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