English Highlights लेख-रचना विचार
  • Akanshya Luitel, class 8 “Parijat”, Everest School, Bhaktapur

A stitch in time saves nine is an old proverb that holds great importance in the current time. It means that if we stitch a torn cloth after its first stitch comes off, we will be able to stitch the torn cloth in an easy way without taking a lot of time. If we procrastinate and delay every time the work is not going to happen. The habit of delaying work saying “I will do it tomorrow is procrastination. It is the root cause of various problems in our lives. If we do our work on time it prevents us from piling up our work and putting effort to finish it later on. When a torn cloth is not fixed at the correct time it continues to get bigger and gets harder to fix later.

 A stitch in time saves nine emphasizes the importance of fixing things right at the moment and prevents delaying. It applies to every person and in every situation. A person who never completes his work on time and says to do it the next day never gets success in their work. Procrastination is a very harmful habit and a very common habit too. It is the hindrance in one’s life achievements and set goals. Procrastination also stops one from respecting their time. It is said, “Time is money”. Many big personalities like Bill gates, Jeff Bezos, Mukesh Ambani and more are found to be in the top list of successful people. They are known to everybody and that’s because they know to use their time in a proper way and they as a person can even earn millions in a second. But that doesn’t mean that time is of no value to common people. Of Course, it is. Our time is very precious.

Procrastination is the root cause of problems in our lives. It causes difficulties and efficiency in our lives. It causes difficulties and efficiency in the work. Procrastination harms a person’s both personal and professional time. There are different clashes and misunderstandings between family members and relatives. If we leave it and delay in resolving the matter it is going to get worse. It is very important to solve it right there or else it keeps on growing and burdening us. When we solve the small issues, it is not going to bother us and end there itself. A person who always procrastinates is not going to get success and peace in their life. He always keeps on delaying the work. It causes lots of problems later. Whether it is a student, a businessman, a working profession or a housewife, whoever procrastinates is always going to fail.

Delaying is a common habit but not really a good one. Delaying work may provide comfort for a little time but it is not permanent nor temporary. Every person who procrastinates ends up losing opportunities and regret later. Be Careful when you say “I will do it tomorrow” because it is not going to change into “I have done it” until you stop delaying or else you will have to say “wish I would have done it”. The last statement is a regret and no matter how sorry you are it is not going to change. Procrastination is a harmful habit and people are found to be falling prey to it. So, never delay your work and save it for later because you never know if you will get time or not. So, a stitch in time saves nine.

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