Interview With Professor Dr. Yoo Jeong Yi

English अन्तर्वार्ता विचार

Professor Dr. Yoo Jeong Yi teaches Korean Literature at Hong Ik University in South Korea. In July/August this year, she toured Nepal with thirteen Korean school children. Ketaketi Online found time to talk with her.

ketaketi : Professor Yi, is this your first visit to Nepal ?

Yi: No, second. I had been here in February this year with some Korean authors.

ketaketi: Why a repeated tour in such a short gap, that too with children?

Yi: I like my children and those of my neighbors to see Nepalese teenagers going to college in smart uniforms. Nepalese teenagers are disciplined, and Koreans need to learn this.

ketaketi: Who sponsored the tour?

Yi: I paid for my children’s expense, and my neighbors did for theirs.

ketaketi: Besides teaching, what else are you involved in?

Yi: I am a professional writer of Children’s Literature. I have published novels and story collections for children. I am planning books on the issues of Nepali children now.

ketaketi: Your inspiration?

Yi: You know; Korea is a developed country. But because of war, many Korean children are leaving the country for the West as adopted children. This is a shame on us. The fact touched me and I took to writing. I foreground this issue in my writings. ‘Child Rights’ is the most preponderant theme in my works.

ketaketi: Did you notice any marked difference between Nepalese and Korean children?

Yi: Children are children everywhere, sweet and lovely. Yet, Nepalese children are more outspoken, while Koreans are rather reserved and introvert. However, they are creative.

ketaketi: Thank you professor!

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