English कथा साहित्य

Once upon a time there lived two vegetables in a farm.They grew up beside each other. One vegetable was a pumpkin and one was a brinjal. “You are so fat.” The brinjal yelled at the pumpkin. “You are so thin.” The pumpkin laughed back at the brinjal. “I hate growing beside you.”The brinjal cried at the pumpkin.”I hate growing beside you too.”The pumpkin cried back.They hated each other and kept fighting the whole day.They grew bigger and bigger and kept fighting. 

They laughed together the whole day. One day, an old farmer was walking towards the market to buy some vegetables and saw the big pumpkin and thought “I will take this pumpkin home” Big teardrops rolled down the pumpkins eyes. The brinjal felt sorry for him and told “He is not a pumpkin, he is a rock.” The farmer looked around amazed and thought. “This is not a pumpkin, this is a rock,what was I thinking?”

He looked again, laughed and left. Next day, another old lady came searching for some vegetables for dinner and thought,”I will cook this delicious brinjal for dinner. The brinjal started trembling and just as he was about to be picked.  The pumpkin yelled. “He is not a brinjal. He is a brick.” The woman thought, “Why did I think of him to be a brinjal? It is a brick.” The old woman limped away.

That day the brinjal and pumpkin saved each other.  Without knowing, they had begun to love each other and care for each other. “Thank you for saving me,” the pumpkin told the brinjal.  “Thank you for saving me too,” the brinjal replied back. On that day the brinjal and the pumpkin took an oath to be friends and protect each other.

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