English लेख-रचना विचार
  • Muskan Karki, Class 7 ‘Pashupati’, Everest English School, Bhaktapur

“Chori, wake up! It’s already 8 o’ clock your bus will be here in 30 minutes” or “ Eat fastly, your bus is waiting outside” are some sentences we might have heard at least once in our life. Getting late for school, missing your bus or even waking up late in the morning are some examples of experiences we might have experienced while being in this kind of situation I always thought why can’t time be stopped or paused for some moments but looking back on it I think if that was the case the whole world would be in chaos and functioning system will be disturbed. For example: Sun sets too early and moon casts too long then of course everything will be different. So, we should let the moment pass and make the best out of it.

We don’t have the power to stop or pause the time but we do have the power to properly use the time or utilize the time in good works. And to utilise time we must prepare a daily planner, separate time for different works, set timer for tasks, make a schedule, set long terms and short term goals etc. so we can manage left out time. By utilising time we can get many benefits and advantages from it. And some of the advantages are listed below.

Time management is an essential skill each and every person should learn in their life especially students. With time management the whole work will be more easier to do as time management helps us to be organised, it helps to give more time to important works, time management also helps individual to do work faster and through time management we can get motivation to do things for the things we can achieve. Time management is not only a schedule we are talking about, time management can be a skill as well.

But not following a schedule or not utilising the time you have you won’t able to get success in life as time management is said to be the key of success.If we don’t manage time, don’t do or finish our work on right time we may get many disadvantages from it like we might not get free time to do other work, we might not be organised and everything will be mess, you won’t be able to achieve the things you want and mainly you will be late for everything and would be left behind.So, make the proper use out of the time you have so you won’t have to regret it later on.

Now, in conclusion all i want to say is even if you can’t stop the time you surely have the power to manage and utilise the time.As, the gone time can’t be reversed back but the upcoming time can be used for the best. So, make the now the best so won’t have to regret this moment is the future.We can’t change the past, We can’t predict the future but we can surely make the present the best so do it now because the lost time can’t be found in the “Lost and Found” section.This is why the phrase”Time and Tide wait for none” resembles the fact the human events or concern cannot stop the passage of time and movement of tide.

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