My School

English निबन्ध साहित्य
  • Raunika Bhudathoki, Class- 4 (Annapurna), Roll no- 2,  Khwopring English Academy, Bhaktapur                                                

My school name is Khwopring English Academy. It’s in Libali, Bhakapur. My school’s principal’s name is Binod Prajapati. There are 4 blocks, they are A, B, C and D. There are many buses and vans. My school is very beautiful. There are many classrooms in my school. There are different types of flowers. There are many teachers in my school. There are three grounds. There are many games. My school is neat and clean. There is a canteen. There are many students in my school. There is a library. In the library, there are many books. I love my school very much. All the teachers are friendly, loving and caring.

My school provides good services. It organized many extra curriculum activities every month. There is peace and clean environment. It provides quality education rather than quantity. There are practical classes of computer as well as science. There is a hostel facility for our seniors’ brothers and sisters.

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